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3. Character Building

The program is designed to help your child develop self-confidence, leadership skills and prevent bullying. Each session covers a valuable life success skill such as goal-setting, perseverance, focus, respect, teamwork, character and more. Every lesson begins with a unique Invincible Mindset™ Talk to set the key focus of the class.

2. Develop Positive Habits

Research shows that a child’s early influences and role models have major impacts on their habits, identity and values throughout life, especially from the ages of 4-9. Every Invincible class is run in a positive, supportive and engaging environment. All accredited Invincible Instructors are trained to be positive role-model to help your child to build life-long success habits and achieve success throughout their life.

1. Focus on Mind & Body

The Invincible Kids™ Program is a unique kids martial arts, leadership and fitness program that takes a holistic approach to building young kids into strong, fit and confident leaders in life. The program draws influences from Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics and Kung Fu. It’s designed for kids aged 4-12.