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The Delivery

Invincible Facilitators specialize in increasing student engagement, motivation and focus, through powerful delivery, meaningful content, engaging stories and a fresh presence. This is important because student engagement is one of the major problems facing high schools. The program is designed to engage, inspire and empower a range of students from the most disengaged to the highest achievers.

The Program

The Achieve Anything Academy™ uniquely empowers high school students to become confident, motivated, respectful and engaged individuals. The program features many eye-opening and life-changing activities, including the signature board break process which serves as a metaphor for students to break through their mental barriers, fears and limitations.

The Content

The program covers a range of life skills and personal development topics including motivation, goal-setting, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, career skills, social identity, exam preparation, breaking through limitations, success skills, and finding direction.