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3. Supportive Community

You get faster results when you are motivated, feeling good and excited. We create a positive and safe environment for you to improve. All Invincible instructors and members are extremely friendly and supportive! We train together. We grow together. We inspire together.

2. Proper Techniques

Tricking is all about self-expression. And we want to make sure you express yourself with the highest functional skills and tricks, rather than simply throwing sloppy movements. It’s all about precision and cleanliness. We teach you to spot your kicks, to max your spins and stick your landing.

1. 10-Level Curriculum

Build your tricks in a systemized Official Tricking Curriculum that progressively advances your skills in kicking, twisting and flipping. We also cover different variations, transitions, set ups and cheat steps. With each level, you will grade and earn an Official Invincible Worldwide Tricking Powerband.