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GOOD Pain vs BAD Pain in Training

Too often I see athletes train incorrectly and injure themselves. At the same time, I also see many beginners not getting real results because they don’t understand the capacity of their body.

Pain is something that alot of people are scared of. And that’s why the majority of people are mediocre.

There are 2 types of pain in training. There’s the pain where you feel lactic acid build up, it’s sore or it burns. That’s muscle pain. Muscular pain is when it’s hurting but you feel you can push more – That’s okay.

The bad pain is when you feel a sharp pain in your joints. That’s like injury pain. It’s the pain you don’t want. When you feel this bad pain, do not go any further for you risk injury.

Our good friend, and World-record holder, Marcus Bondi, explains that when he trains, he aims to maximize the muscular pain and push out as many reps, half reps and quarter reps as possible. However, he advises to not go further if you feel the bad pain, which is a sharp pain in the joints.

Understanding the difference allows you to train effectively, push your limits and reach new levels safely.

So when you’re training and you’re feeling muscle pain and you know you can push more, it’s okay.

In our classes, we have a saying – “Pain is temporary, Glory lasts forever.”

What that means is that the pain you feel – the good pain, the muscle pain, is only temporary – you can push past it.

Most people give up and stop once they reach that pain. Once you learn to push past that, you then get the glory, you get stronger.

So I want you to think: what is your standard? Are you giving up just before your limit or are you pushing past the muscular pain to achieve higher results?

Science shows that when you’re at that point where you’re feeling dead and it’s as if you can’t go no more, it’s only 70% of your body’s capacity. Your body has another ‘reserve’ that it can tap into.

If you found this post useful, leave me a comment below and tell me how you will now train differently to achieve better results!