How To Develop Your Child’s Self-Worth

Does your child need more self-confidence? Does he/she have a strong foundation for building self-worth?

Below, I will show you 3 powerful ways to build a strong foundation for your child’s self-worth.


Kids who lack self-worth often:
– Lack pride in what they do
– Have a lower standard in their work and actions
– Are not mentally engaged or motivated


Psychologist and author, Dr Joyce Brothers says that a “strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for life.”

A strong positive self-image leads to strong self-worth. Children who have a strong self-worth:

– Have more self-confidence

– Are not easily influenced by other’s opinions

– Take pride in themselves and what they do


At Invincible HQ, we actively focus on building each child’s self-confidence and self-worth in an individual way, as opposed to doing it as a group. Most team sports fail to build the same sense of independence and self-achievement.

Some of the unique things that we do to develop your child’s self-worth include, genuine praises, athlete highlights, celebrating goal achievements, leadership awards, special Level-UP invitation letters, and even birthday surprises. These make the child feel extra special and worthy.


Here are 3 powerful ways you can do every day at home to help build a strong foundation for your child’s self-worth:


1. Look Good, Feel Good:
Teach your child to always hold a high standard for their personal appearance. As the title suggests, when they look good and smell good, they will naturally feel better about themselves. Now it is also important to ensure that they fully understand they are doing it for themselves, not to impress others.


2. Acknowledge:
Whenever your child displays a good attitude, achieves a small goal, or experiences a little success, you have to make sure to acknowledge it with love and energy. Children are constantly look for acknowledgement to find themselves in the world. We must give them that sense of worth.


3. Affirmations:
Affirmations are a powerful tool to influence the psychology and outlook of your child. Every day, have your child repeat after you positive declarations that will build the foundations of their behaviour. For example, have them say, “I am Great. I am Strong. I am a Leader.” Over time, these small affirmations will become part of who they are.


Comment below which of the 3 ways you will implement today! And feel free to share it with someone who needs it!



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