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How To Get Your Child To Behave Consistently

From speaking to hundreds of parents, we often hear how kids behave differently in different environments. For example they may be industrious at training, but lazy at home. Or they may be well-behaved at home, but rowdy at school. Or vice versa.

Building strong leadership means that they learn to have strong core values which allows them to be consistent in their identity wherever they are, whether at home, at HQ, in public or at school.

This ensures that they are grounded, and their behaviours are internally influenced, rather than externally influenced.

At Invincible HQ, we have on our walls the words “Building High Quality Humans”. For kids, there are 4 core values that we want them to have in training, at home, in public and at school.


This means that they are physically fit and healthy. They train hard and push their limits.


This means they work on improving themselves, paying attention to detail and constantly refine their knowledge, techniques, skills and movements, whether it be throwing a kick or being able to do a maths equation.


This means they are mentally strong, never give up and are resilient in the face of adversity.


This means they have the ability to work with others, help others and be an inspiring role model in society. They have a willingness to do good in the world.


To get your child to behave consistently, help them form a strong identity around these 4 core values, where they can apply it any where they go.

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About Invincible Worldwide

Invincible Worldwide’s mission is to empower people to be physically, mentally and socially extraordinary. Alan La, founder of Invincible Worldwide is an International Sports Karate Association Hall-of-Famed Martial Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Young Australian of the Year finalist. Together with his team, they provide world-class physical and mindset training programs, seminars and performances for people all over the world. 

More specifically, Alan and his team have developed a unique award-winning Invincible Juniors program which fuses martial arts, acrobatics and leadership skills to empower young kids to be physically and mentally prepared for success in life and in school. 


For more information about our unique Invincible Juniors Academy, go to: https://www.invincibleworldwide.com/juniors-program-intro

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