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How To Have A Strong Punch

Have you ever wanted to have a strong punch without relying solely on muscle?

There are five components to punching power that must be present for a puncher to be considered truly powerful:
1. Lack of arm punching
2. Proper weight shifting
3. Stepping during a punch
4. Pivoting with a punch
5. Using proper footwork

There is no chance to hit hard if your technique is poor.

Imagine a bodybuilder who challenges you in the street for a fight and who needs five seconds till his punch reaches your face.

Why would you be like someone who is muscular and slow, when you can be strong and fast at the same time?

Have you ever watched the fight between Mike Tyson and Clifford Etienne? This is an example how a technique makes a perfection – Clifford Etienne went down after a world class technique shown by Tyson.

If you want to punch harder and faster, you need to utilise the whole body when you deliver a strike, don’t use just shoulders or arms.

Rotate your hips, pivot on your toes, rotate your shoulders, deliver a strike and keep your chin down.

Here’s a drill to help you build the muscle memory and instantly improve your punching technique!