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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Perform At Your Best

One question I get asked quite often is, “Alan, how do I overcome the fear of failure?”

Surveys show that 78% of the time, the fear of failure is based on a false perception of reality, which has a negative effect on our performance.

To overcome this, most people try to “think positive”, or tell themselves “You’ve got this!”, or they psyche themselves with positive affirmations.

But the problem is these surface techniques don’t always work when it’s actual crunch time!

So what can you do?

Watch this video if:
– You have a goal that you have been putting off, but you can’t get over your fear, even though you know you would succeed if you went all in.
– You have an upcoming presentation, or exam, or date that you want to go well.
– You want to take control of your perceptions

In this video, you will learn:

  • How Your Subconscious Beliefs Affect Your Results
  • How To Perform At Your Best For Your Next Important Event/Opportunity
  • ​4 Steps To Overcome The Fear of Failure​

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