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How To Stay Motivated In Winter

Winter’s coming on strong. We get stronger. At a time when most people are getting lazy, most people are slowing down, most people are feeling mediocre or most people kind of let themselves go, we don’t do that. We rise above that. We stay on top. As Invincible athletes, we work, we stay strong.

But how do you stay motivated? How do you stay focused especially when there are so many distractions? Or when the weather’s changing, it’s getting colder and most people feel lazy?

Motivation is not something that you find. Motivation isn’t something that will hopefully drop on your lap and make you feel good. Or you don’t wake up one day and you say, I hope I’ll feel motivated today.

Motivation should not be an external source. You should not be finding motivation from outside. True motivation is from within. True motivation is generated.

As an Invincible Athlete we control ourselves, we have self-mastery and to do that we understand one thing – one critical thing. Everything you want to achieve in life, everything you want to feel – happiness, fulfillment, success, motivation, passion, has to be generated from within.

We do not wait for external circumstances. Motivation comes from within. It’s about having the Invincible Mindset.

The word “Invincible” comes from the Latin word, “invincibilis”. “Invincibilis” means you can’t be defeated. So Invincible means everyday you wake up you choose not to be defeated.

So if you wake up, if it’s cold outside, it’s raining, you don’t want to train, you’ve been defeated. So Invincible means whatever obstacles that life throws at you, you can achieve anything. You can go above and beyond because you choose not to be defeated. It’s all a choice.

Here are three strategies that will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. Whether if you wanna be fitter this year, or you wanna achieve more skills, or you just wanna increase your lifestyle, you wanna have better lifestyle, have more energy, you just feel better about yourself.


The first step is you want to set higher standards for yourself. By raising your standards you actually shift the way you act. You own yourself, you know you’re worth something more. Your standards reflects the quality of you. Your standards will affect everything that you produce, everything that you portray to the world.

Your standards affect your actions. Your actions affect your results. By having high standards for yourself you actually affect your actions. You choose to work differently, you produce things differently, you’ll train differently, and then that affects your results.

To give you an example, let’s say it’s cold outside, you’re tired, you’re sore and you’re in bed and you feel like, oh I don’t wanna train. But if you have high standards for yourself, your actions will be different. You’ll jump out of bed, and get ready to train.

If you have low standards for yourself you’re gonna say, “You know, I can probably train another day. I can probably do it tomorrow.” Your standards affect your actions, and that affects your results. Standards heavily determine the results that you get in life.

Anthony Robbins talks about the difference between having a “must” and a “should”. If you have “must”, you do it no matter what. You have a high standard. Rain or shine whatever you saw you have a high standard for yourself, you get up and you train. If you have a low standard for yourself for you it’s a “should”.

For example, those with low standards will say things like, “Yeah I should train today, no but it’s actually cold, so I don’t want to train.”

So once you understand if your standards are high you will achieve. You’ll unlock so much more of your potential. Raise your standards in everything that you do and your quality of life will go to a whole new level.


Next thing is what we call time blocking. This idea is from great author and speaker Brendan Burchard and he talks about high performance habits and he says, “If you allow your time to be filled with randomness “you are stealing away from your greatness.”

A lot of people play their week with randomness. They might say, “Monday I’m gonna start training so I’m gonna fit in a training session in, and maybe if I can, maybe if I feel like it I’ll fit in a Wednesday, and possibly if I feel good, maybe on a Saturday morning.”

But then what happens is often on Wednesday they say, “Oh it’s cold outside, it’s raining. I’ll do it on Thursday instead.” And then when Thursday comes we get another “distraction”. Too often, we play life in a way where we allow ourselves to be random.

High performers use Time Blocks. Time Blocks are pre-planned parts of the day that cannot be moved. It’s un-negotiable. When you can create time blocks where it’s un-negotiable for you to train you’re going to achieve your goals no matter what.

Despite when everyone else gets lazy, you time block to move forward. That is the key. You set out a pre-planned time for you to train or do what is required to achieve your goals and it cannot be moved or changed, regardless of how you feel or what life throws at you.


Consistency is difficult especially in today’s world when there are too many distractions. So the best way to stay consistent is to have a system to be able to be consistent.

For example, Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian who produced and starred the TV show, Seinfeld, used a system that enabled him to master his craft and be a great at what he does.

He had a calendar on his wall mapped out for 30 days. And every single day he’d set a goal to write a joke. He’ll wake up and he’ll force himself to write at least a joke every single day. So if he did it on that day, he’ll give himself a big red cross, and then if he does it the next day he’ll give himself another cross, and he does it the next day, another cross, and another cross. Then eventually he’ll end up with a chain of crosses.

If you look on your wall and you see four crosses in a row of productivity, you do not want break that chain. So that’s what he did. He tricked himself, he played a game for himself so that every single day, every single day he creates a chain and he does not wanna break that chain.

Every goal can be achieved and mastered through consistency. Consistency is your key. Motivation you cannot rely on but if you have a system to have consistency you’ll achieve everything you want in your life. The idea is to create a daily chain, some kind of visual chain that you won’t want to break.

You will find a link below for you to download a Self-Mastery Tool from us. On this sheet you will be able to write down your goals, and then you have 30 days to move towards it. Move towards that goal, whether it be fitness, whether it be a push up. If you’re doing something everyday to move forward, give it a nice good cross or big tick in the boxes.

Keep it consistent and achieve a good long chain of consistency throughout the month and that way you’ll be able to achieve your goals and move forward.

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