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Isometric Kicks | P3MA SKILLS TRAINING #2

For this week’s P3MA Skill Training, we have the Isometric Kicks Drill! It’s a great drill that we use to improve our kicking control, muscle memory and pin-point technique.


– 10 reps on each Leg x 3 sets. Hold each position for 2 seconds.


– Inside the knee

– The chest

– The head


– Point your knee at the target before you kick at each level.

– Make sure your back leg is straight, weight on ball of foot, and foot is pointed backwards.

– Keep toes pointed throughout the movement.


We get tons of questions coming in every week from athletes, martial artists and movement artists all over the world seeking to join in the INVINCIBLE movement, the Training and to become part of the INVINCIBLE Family!

Alan La created Invincible Worldwide to inspire the world to elevate their training and strive to be extraordinary in life. P3MA is not about a martial arts style. Style separates people. It is about building peak performance skills to help you become extraordinary.

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