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INVINCIBLE is about becoming physically and mentally extraordinary. It is about improving yourself through training, to live in peak experience where you feel totally in control, alive and powerful.

Here are 5 areas of performance that you want to focus on in your training program to build a peak performance body:

  • SPEED – Lightning fast strikes, reaction and agility
  • STRENGTH – Building a fit, functional and strong body
  • POWER – Physiological explosiveness (plyometrics) and internal power (chi energy)
  • SKILLS – Tricks, self-defence techniques, striking techniques, acrobatics, gymnastics
  • MINDSET – Self-Leadership, self-confidence, motivation

In speaking to hundreds of people who want to get into training, not everyone wants to learn how to beat down others. But almost everyone wants to learn how to get themselves stronger, fitter, faster and build a more functional body. And they all want to do it with a supportive and motivating fitfam!

So we spent years studying and putting together a program called P3MA (Peak Physical Performance Martial Arts). It’s not designed to teach a style of martial arts. Style separates people. The program builds physical capabilities and mindset with the aim to empower the world to be better, through self-mastery, not violence. It draws influence from traditional and modern martial arts, fitness and cross-training methodologies. The different arts include Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, and Tricking. Currently, the program is offered at our Invincible HQ training center in Wetherill Park, Sydney, Australia. Click here for more info about Invincible HQ.

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