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Speed Strike | P3MA SKILLS TRAINING #3

For this week’s P3MA Skill, we have the Speed Strike! The Speed Strike, also known as the Lightning Finger Jab, is a fast strike at a desired target before the opponent can react. In training, it is used to develop quickness and non-telegraphy skills. In self-defence, it is used as an initial strike into the eyes, the lip area under the nose or the throat, before the opponent can even react. The Speed Strike draws influence from Snake Style in Shaolin Kung Fu and the Finger Jab in Jeet Kune Do.


Drill 1: Stand 1 foot away from your training partner. Aim to tap your partner’s shoulder while they try to block you off.

Drill 2: Stand 1 foot away from your partner and shuffle forward with your stance, while doing the speed strike. This time, you partner can shuffle back to evade as well.

Drill 3: Have your training partner hold up a focus pad. Strike at the pad to condition your fingers.

Drill 4: Have your training partner move the focus pad as you strike, to develop speed and power.



– Relaxation is the most important aspect to this skill. It improves speed and non-telegraphy (not showing the intention of your movements)

– The movement is like a whip of a towel. There should be a sudden snap back upon completion.

– Ensure thumb is tucked underneath, and fingers clenched, to strengthen the strike

– Keep elbows in during the strike



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