Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! Drew the BIGGEST Crowd.. AGAIN!

The Bring IT ON! Festival is one of the largest Youth Week events in Fairfield, Sydney, with over 10,000 attendees each year. For the 2nd year in a row, Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! 2015, drew the biggest crowd again at the festival.

The event began with a tricking workshop, led by the Invincible Worldwide Team members, Alan La, William Pham and Edwin Thai, as well as other leading Sydney trickers including Tim Farley. The aim of the workshop was to allow the public to try out the new art of tricking.

By the time the competitions began, Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! was already drawing the biggest crowd at the festival, with all the competitors throwing down their high flying kicks, twists and flips, as the battled in 3 vs 3 groups. The winners were judged based on 5 criterions – Athleticism, kicking ability, control, style/creativity and acrobatics.

The 5 panel judges each had their own category, and included Alan La (founder of Invincible Worldwide), Hakan Manav, (finalist of Australia’s Got Talent with Xtreme Team), Tim Farley (renowned tricker in Australia), Warrick Wong (experienced tricker), and William Pham (Tricking coach at Invincible Worldwide Academy).

“I’m proud to see the tricking community grow and more and more people getting inspired to push their physical and mental limitations. Ultimately, to me, that’s what it’s all about,” says Invincible Worldwide founder, Alan La.

Winner of the Trick IT ON! 2015, Gericho Hills says, “Thank you to Invincible and Fairfield Council for hosting the sick event, thanks to the judges as well. It’s great to have these events for us trickers.”

Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! 2015 was sponsored by Fairfield City Council, with event partners including What the Fudge Cafe, Team9Lives and Living Chiropractics Liverpool.