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We Had A Marvel Movie Audition at Invincible HQ!

We had the opportunity to audition for a Marvel Studios Movie at Invincible HQ!

Late last year, Alan La was invited to Fox Studios to do a private audition with Andy Cheng, former member of Jackie Chan Stunt Team, for a casting role in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie.

Andy was happy with Alan’s performance and wanted him to progress to the next stages. However upon realising the time commitment of the project, Alan decided he couldn’t take off 6 months to work on this, and leave behind his responsibilities with Invincible Worldwide, his team and his students.

So Andy asked to organise a casting audition with some of the members at the Invincible HQ Academy, particularly looking for a kid and a teenager to fulfil specific roles for the main characters in the film.

One of the Invincible Juniors, Caitlyn, was selected to progress to the next rounds of casting auditions, where she needed to learn to speak Mandarin (which was not her native language).

Here’s a highlight video of the initial casting audition at Invincible HQ.

Fast forward, a number of Invincible HQ members and coach were selected to play as extras and stunt for the film. They worked for months on set, alongside some of the world’s best martial artists, physical athletes and stunts performers.

Overall it was a great experience. We look forward to seeing the final production in 2021! 🙂

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