Peak Performance Martial Arts Training


why we are different

1. Holistic Approach


The P3MA™ (Peak Physical Performance Martial Arts) program is a peak training program that draws influence from traditional and modern martial arts, fitness and sport science. The different arts include Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do and Tricking.

2. Peak Performance


The training is specifically designed to improve your speed, power, strength, self-defense, skills, flexibility, fitness, physique and mindset. We don’t teach a style of martial arts, we aim to build peak performance capabilities
– to become INVINCIBLE.

3. Supportive Fitfam


You get faster results when you are motivated, feeling good and excited. We create a positive and safe environment for you to improve. All Invincible instructors and members are extremely friendly and supportive! We train together. We grow together. We inspire together.

what everyone is saying

Jamie Sok, Age 18Jamie Sok, Age 18
"From the very moment I walked in, even before I took a step into class, everyone was just so welcoming and friendly. I've been with Invincible for 3 years and til this day it feels we are a family! And that's just one of the many reasons why I Love it! Everyone is just so supportive, and the energy and intensity in their training is just amazing and I believe that's what makes people want to come back for more."
Arron Huynh, Age 15Arron Huynh, Age 15
“I feel more confident and able to control my life. I loved the amazing goal setting. Invincible Worldwide seems like a family, very relatable and supportive.”
Prime Time MMAPrime Time MMA
"These guys are amazing! Too many ignore inspiration and take the easy way out by attempting antagonism/intimidation."
Rashad, Age 25Rashad, Age 25
“Alan is the best instructor! He is good at what he does. You are very professional! What you do is great stuff!”
Hassan, Age 21Hassan, Age 21
"Through Invincible I have reached another level of trained mental thought and relaxation allowing me to set my goals."