How To Get Out Of Bed Instantly In the Morning

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Do you struggle to get up in the morning? Is getting out of bed feel more like a chore than a natural process? We all know the feeling. How do you stop the voice that says, "5 more minutes"? Whether it’s cold, you’re tired, or you just don’t want to go to work, they all have the same result. If you’ve got to get out of bed and can’t seem to fight those early morning blues, watch this week's episode. In this video, you will learn: How To Get Out Of Bed Instantly So That You Can Be More Productive ​How To Overcome Procrastination Hacks To Develop Self-Mastery The Most Important Key To Unlock Your Next Level In Performance Feeling out of shape an   Read More

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Perform At Your Best

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One question I get asked quite often is, "Alan, how do I overcome the fear of failure?" Surveys show that 78% of the time, the fear of failure is based on a false perception of reality, which has a negative effect on our performance. To overcome this, most people try to "think positive", or tell themselves "You've got this!", or they psyche themselves with positive affirmations. But the problem is these surface techniques don't always work when it's actual crunch time! So what can you do? Watch this video if: - You have a goal that you have been putting off, but you can't get over your fear, even though you know you would succeed if you went all in. - You have an upcomi   Read More

How To Eat Clean And Maximise Your Protein

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Protein is absolutely necessary for our bodies to function and be healthy. It is one of the vital building blocks for cell growth and creates the framework for hormones to develop. It also builds and repairs muscle and supports muscle growth. Not to mention, the collagen found in protein supports hair growth, skin repair and joint health!Our bodies need 20 amino acids to function properly, which are a vital part in synthesizing hormones. We produce 12 of these amino acids on our own but need to find the remaining 8 from food sources. Animal protein contains all 8. It is possible to get all 8 from plant protein sources but you need to eat enough variety to make sure none are missing. Thi   Read More

How To Build Solid Foundations In Any Technique

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When I first started martial arts over 20 years ago, my training sessions consisted a lot of repetitions, practising forms, drilling the same movements over and over for hours. I never gave a thought WHY I was doing all this drilling. But it wasn't until many years later, after the countless hours of drilling the same movements, I found my body responding perfectly when I needed it most. And I realised the value of QUALITY techniques vs GOOD techniques. It particularly showed in competitive sparring matches against guys twice my size, where I was quicker and more powerful. And when I was doing auditions for short films, where directors were impressed with my sharpness. But the probl   Read More

How To Have A Strong Punch

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Have you ever wanted to have a strong punch without relying solely on muscle? There are five components to punching power that must be present for a puncher to be considered truly powerful: 1. Lack of arm punching 2. Proper weight shifting 3. Stepping during a punch 4. Pivoting with a punch 5. Using proper footwork There is no chance to hit hard if your technique is poor. Imagine a bodybuilder who challenges you in the street for a fight and who needs five seconds till his punch reaches your face. Why would you be like someone who is muscular and slow, when you can be strong and fast at the same time? Have you ever watched the fight between Mike Tyson and Clifford Etienne   Read More

How The BEAR Program Works

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The BEAR Program is designed for those looking to get fit and strong, but are tired and bored of fad gyms. We teach you in detail all movements from the proper push-up to impressive moves like the Muscle-Up! The program caters to your fitness level.  Book your first training session at Invincible HQ here: TRY THE INVX KICKSTARTER 30-DAY CHALLENGE Feeling out of shape and want to kickstart your training?Join hundreds of people like you around the world in the INVX 30-Day Kickstarter Challenge! Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced athlete, the INVX Kickstarter program is designed to kickstart your training so   Read More


We’ve all heard the phrase “The magic happens outside your comfort zone”. But have you ever fully gotten the meaning of this? The truth is, breaking out of your comfort zone requires a lot courage. Effort. Dedication. You have to face the fear of the unknown. Jump in the deep end. Trust in your hard work and put your faith in the future. Scared? You should be. It’s frightening. But it’s even more rewarding. Here’s what is takes to step out of your comfort zone and why it’s totally worth it. 1. You must make the decision alone Doing something you have never done before requires making a decision. A life-changing decision. And although you will never   Read More

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