28-Day Flexibility Challenge

$ 197.00

The 28-Day Flexibility Challenge is designed to help martial artists, kickers and movement athletes to achieve your splits, kick higher and overcome stiffness, using science-backed training methods that have helped hundreds of people struggling to improve their flexibility.
This program is designed to:
  • Help you reach your side and front splits
  • Strengthen your hip flexors, hamstrings and adductor muscles
  • Remove tightness in your hips and stiffness in your legs
  • Improve your mobility and kicks
This program is for: 
– Beginners with no training experience
– Experienced athletes and martial artists
– Flexible individuals wanting to reach the last inches of their full middle and front splits


– 28-Day Flexibility Routine Plan ($197 Value)
– Online Training Videos You Can Access On Any Device
– Track Your Results With Printable Routine Plan Calendar
– The Ultimate Warm-Up routine ($50 Value)
– Splits Maintenance routine after 4 weeks ($55 Value)
– Motivational Mindset Masterclass ($97 Value)


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