2 Tools To Help Keep Your Kids Busy These School Holidays

One of the challenges that parents have during school holidays is finding things to keep the kids busy. 

It is good to give them a break from the normal routine of school, however, too much of a break stops their momentum of growth, learning and improvement.

Kids need to have a routine that challenges them and keeps them in focus. 

​​​​​​You don’t want to let them just play or the iPad or sit on the computer all day. Nor do you want them to go to a friend’s house all school holidays. Who knows what they could get up to.
So we’ve created for you 2 powerful resources to help you keep your kids BUSY, PRODUCTIVE and FOCUSED during these school holidays!

1. SUCCESS HABITS LIST: We’ve created for you an Invincible Kids Habits list which has been proven to be highly successful in building strong habits for life. Simply print this out and there are set tasks for them to complete each day. Your child will colour or tick each box every day for every habit that they complete. You can download the list here: Download Habits List (Simply right click and “Save As”)

2. TRAINING PROGRAM: Get the kids to write up their own training program based on the exercises and drills that they do at The Invincible Kids Classes. Ask them to demonstrate for you a few things that they’ve learnt over the weeks.

Here’s a sample one if they get stuck:

  1. 10 x Elbow-In Push Ups
  2. 15 x Squats
  3. 15 x Sit Ups
  4. 5 mins Power Stretching
  5. 10 x Front Kicks (each Leg)
  6. 10 x Roundhouse Kicks (each Leg)
  7. 10 x Jumping Kicks (each Leg)
  8. Practice their Forms 5 times

We look forward to seeing your family at training! Thank you for helping me on my mission to build extraordinary kids around the world!

Awaken the Dream,

Alan La
Founder of Invincible Worldwide