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3 ways Alphas Train and Succeed differently

There’s an Alpha in all of us. We all want to be something more in life, physically, mentally and socially. In celebrating the release of the New Alpha’s Collection, Alan La, founder of Invincible Worldwide shares 3 things that will help you be more Alpha in training and in life.

1. INTENSITY: Train Like A Beast. Put 110% into everything that you do. Alphas are not afraid of hard work, dedication and even the pain of pushing through to the next level. Alphas don’t back down from difficulty, they rise up and show their tenacity, hunger and intensity. Start raising your thresholds and become more intense in everything that you create. When you’re training make it so intense to the point where you’re finished on the floor with nothing left. For all DBZ fans, think of Goku when he’s finished training in the hyperbolic time chamber..

2. CHARISMA: Act Like A Gentleman. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. There’s also a difference between passiveness and warmth. Alphas know how to keep the balance. They are loved and respected by everyone around them, because they uphold their strong views, yet don’t ignore everyone’s opinions. They have genuine love and warmth and show the utmost respect to people.

3. AMBITION: Conquer Like A King. Dominate! Don’t leave this world without leaving behind your legacy. Live a life that is more, strive to become more everyday. Do not settle for mediocrity. Alphas are at the highest, because they choose not to be average and mediocre. They have a self-worth that says, I’m worth more! When you’re training, don’t settle for good enough. Work and sculpt until your body or your techniques are works of art. This is ambition.

Invincible is a movement to elevate the world to become better physically and mentally through training.

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P.S. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which of the 3 things helped you the most!