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The Leading Punch | P3MA SKILLS TRAINING #8

The Leading Punch is the main punch used in Jeet Kune Do. It is a direct, fast and powerful punch thrown from the front hand. It relies on relaxation and a quick snap for speed. It generates power from the torque of the hips, timing and leverage from the rear foot.


1. Stay loose and snap the punches out, however do not fully extend your elbows to prevent injury. Your punches should feel like whipping a towel.

2. Begin to twist your hips into the punch, adding more of your body weight.

3. Punch from wherever your hands are, do not pull back before the punch. Punch on a diagonal slant and make contact with the largest knuckles.

4. Power comes from proper timing. Perfect timing is when your upper body tenses at the very last second, hips twists and rear foot pushes off. This is the most difficult aspect of the punch.



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