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The TOUCHDOWN RAIZ | Tricking Form Optimisation Series

The Touchdown Raiz is initiated in the same manner as a normal Raiz however after take off, one hand will touch down to the ground before the feet land. The hand that touches down is on the same side as the initial kicking leg. So after the lift off the hand reaches back towards the shoulder and the back should arch allowing you to spot the ground. Make contact first with the hand then as the lead foot touches the ground push the hand off the ground and begin lifting up the chest. (Credit: Club540)

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The TORNADO KICK | Tricking Form Optimisation Series

The Tornado Kicks come in many versions, including the Backside 900 and Cheat 900 Kick. The difference between these kicks is in the number of body rotations and the take off. In taekwondo the 360 and 540 kicks are normally done as Roundhouse Kicks (striking the target with the top of the foot), but variations of these kicks can also be done as Crescent Kicks (striking the target with the inside of the foot) and Hook Kicks (striking the target with the back of the heel).

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The BUTTERFLY TWIST | Tricking Form Optimisation Series

The Butterfly Twist is used in various martial arts, including Wushu and Capoeira. Its wushu name is xuàn zi zhuàn tǐ , and its Capoeira name is “mariposa” which literally means “butterfly”. A butterfly twist can be described as a butterfly kick where a 360° spin is added once one is in the air.

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The DOUBLE LEG | Tricking Form Optimisation Series

TRICKING | THE DOUBLE LEG is a move that originated from Capoeira and has been incorporated into tricking. Both legs remain together during the take off and execution. After the take off, the torso stays upright and vertical, but will begin to quickly torque in order to swing the legs around and upwards. At the peak of this move, the body is in the shape of a “V”. The legs continue to swing over as the body straightens out for the landing.

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Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! Drew the BIGGEST Crowd.. AGAIN!

The Bring IT ON! Festival is one of the largest Youth Week events in Fairfield, Sydney, with over 10,000 attendees each year. For the 2nd year in a row, Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! 2015, drew the biggest crowd again at the festival.

The event began with a tricking workshop, led by the Invincible Worldwide Team members, Alan La, William Pham and Edwin Thai, as well as other leading Sydney trickers including Tim Farley. The aim of the workshop was to allow the public to try out the new art of tricking.

By the time the competitions began, Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! was already drawing the biggest crowd at the festival, with all the competitors throwing down their high flying kicks, twists and flips, as the battled in 3 vs 3 groups. The winners were judged based on 5 criterions – Athleticism, kicking ability, control, style/creativity and acrobatics.

The 5 panel judges each had their own category, and included Alan La (founder of Invincible Worldwide), Hakan Manav, (finalist of Australia’s Got Talent with Xtreme Team), Tim Farley (renowned tricker in Australia), Warrick Wong (experienced tricker), and William Pham (Tricking coach at Invincible Worldwide Academy).

“I’m proud to see the tricking community grow and more and more people getting inspired to push their physical and mental limitations. Ultimately, to me, that’s what it’s all about,” says Invincible Worldwide founder, Alan La.

Winner of the Trick IT ON! 2015, Gericho Hills says, “Thank you to Invincible and Fairfield Council for hosting the sick event, thanks to the judges as well. It’s great to have these events for us trickers.”

Invincible Worldwide’s Trick IT ON! 2015 was sponsored by Fairfield City Council, with event partners including What the Fudge Cafe, Team9Lives and Living Chiropractics Liverpool.

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FIGHTER – New Invincible Athletes Video

There’s a fighter in all of us. Not the type of fighter who throws punches and kicks to hurt people. But the type of fighter who fights to elevate him or herself to become better. We all want to rise above average. We don’t like to feel mediocre. We want to be more. Invincible is a movement for becoming more – physically and mentally. It’s about fighting against mediocrity and taking a stand for greatness. It’s about stepping up and becoming Invincible..

We don’t teach a style of martial arts. We build physical capabilities and mindset with the aim to empower the world to be better, through self-mastery, not violence. The Invincible Athletes Academy is a physical and mindset training academy with the emphasis on improving one’s physical capabilities of speed, power, strength, skill, flexibility and mindset. It draws influence from traditional and modern martial arts, fitness and sport science. The different arts include Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, and Tricking.