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Explosive Palm Power | P3MA SKILLS TRAINING #1

This week, we have the Explosive Palm Power Skill!

It’s a great drill to practice explosive power with minimal motion. The difference between this movement and a direct push is that it requires less effort and motion, yet generates more shock and explosiveness than a physical push.


The power is generated not through muscular effort of the arms or body, but rather through body alignment, leverage and timing. If you feel a struggle in your push in proportion to your partner flying back, it is wrong. The power comes from the ground. As you push off the back leg, the energy goes up into your hips, then a twist in the hips amplifies the energy before it gets transferred into the shoulders and through the palm.


– 10 reps on each side. Focus on using your hips and rear leg, not your arms.



We get tons of questions coming in every week from athletes, martial artists and movement artists all over the world seeking to join in the INVINCIBLE movement, the Training and to become part of the INVINCIBLE Family!

Alan La created Invincible Worldwide to inspire the world to elevate their training and strive to be extraordinary in life. P3MA is not about a martial arts style. Style separates people. It is about building peak performance skills to help you become extraordinary.

Show us videos/photos of you practicing these skills on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube – tag @InvincibleWorldwide or @alanlaworldwide and use the hashtag #InvincibleAthlete.


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FIGHTER – New Invincible Athletes Video

There’s a fighter in all of us. Not the type of fighter who throws punches and kicks to hurt people. But the type of fighter who fights to elevate him or herself to become better. We all want to rise above average. We don’t like to feel mediocre. We want to be more. Invincible is a movement for becoming more – physically and mentally. It’s about fighting against mediocrity and taking a stand for greatness. It’s about stepping up and becoming Invincible..

We don’t teach a style of martial arts. We build physical capabilities and mindset with the aim to empower the world to be better, through self-mastery, not violence. The Invincible Athletes Academy is a physical and mindset training academy with the emphasis on improving one’s physical capabilities of speed, power, strength, skill, flexibility and mindset. It draws influence from traditional and modern martial arts, fitness and sport science. The different arts include Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, and Tricking.