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Talking Fitness, Mindset & Movement with Vanja and Alan La

Vanja –
“Humans are made to move.
You live in a physical body – it is your duty to make it perform at its peak –
Complete freedom NO limitations.
Just as you would feed your body a nutrient dense, wholesome and healthy diet, you should also do the same when it comes to movement.
A movement practice that combines a variety of wholesome ingredients that come together to develop a powerhouse of skills, optimise performance and focus on longevity for every BODY.
We build strength alongside flexibility, we prepare our bodies to jump, twist, crawl, hang, balance, push, pull and bend in as many ways as possible.
We prepare in movement so we can be ready for life.”

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About Invincible Worldwide

Invincible Worldwide’s mission is to empower people to be physically, mentally and socially extraordinary. Alan La, founder of Invincible Worldwide is an International Sports Karate Association Hall-of-Famed Martial Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Young Australian of the Year finalist. Together with his team, they provide world-class physical and mindset training programs, seminars and performances for people all over the world.