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How To Build Solid Foundations In Any Technique

When I first started martial arts over 20 years ago, my training sessions consisted a lot of repetitions, practising forms, drilling the same movements over and over for hours. I never gave a thought WHY I was doing all this drilling.

But it wasn’t until many years later, after the countless hours of drilling the same movements, I found my body responding perfectly when I needed it most. And I realised the value of QUALITY techniques vs GOOD techniques.

It particularly showed in competitive sparring matches against guys twice my size, where I was quicker and more powerful. And when I was doing auditions for short films, where directors were impressed with my sharpness.

But the problem was when I began teaching martial arts to others, about 12 years ago, I quickly realised that not everyone had the same patience and willingness to put in the countless hours of drilling and repetitions. And I don’t blame them.

What made it worse is the rise of social media and smart phones over the past decade, which has made our society in general, less patient, more distracted and wanting more instant gratification than ever before. So it was becoming more and more difficult to get my students to be patient and keep drilling “boring” techniques the way I used to.

As my academy grew, I didn’t want it to be like every other martial arts academy in the industry that I was observing. Most academies have a small group of top tier dedicated students who were decent in their movements, while everyone else lacked intensity, proper execution, and barely possessed sharp, fast, powerful movements that you would expect, especially as blackbelts.

And I also didn’t want my academy to be another fight gym that focused solely on combat and forget about the values, essence and philosophy of martial arts.

So when I opened Invincible HQ, our mission was to “Build High Quality Humans.” I intentionally stayed away from using the word “martial arts”. I wanted to move away from the industry.

“Building High Quality Humans” is about enabling everyone, no matter what age, size, background, to unlock the potential of their physical and mental capacity. It is about the individual’s peak performance, rather than about a style of martial arts.

But the problem was still prevalent that people in today’s society don’t like to do boring drills and repetitions.

So I spent the last few years experimenting and refining our system to find the balance between developing quality techniques, while maintaining high motivation and enabling people to breakthrough their physical and mental potential, so that we can help EVERYONE, not just the top-tier dedicated students.

I’ve since discovered a unique training system that we use in our academy now. This unique system is embedded within our program and Level-UP system. I describe the first few phases of the system in more detail in the video below. It shows you the structure behind our training system to develop your physical performance.

Although we have already helped hundreds and hundreds of members, young and old, to go from ordinary to unlocking extraordinary feats, I don’t believe we have it all perfect yet. Like an artist, I’m still chasing that perfect system. You can be sure I’m continually refining and improving what we do.

The way we taught years ago is very different to the way we teach now. And unlike most martial arts programs, I expect it to evolve, improve and be totally different in the future.

We’ve helped 8 year old kids with absolutely no strength, coordination and confidence, to achieving quality push ups, explosive high kicks and inspiring self-confidence. We’ve helped unfit dads who have never trained in their life to perform strength feats, and be able to kick like an action movie star. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.

This was a very long post. If you have read this far, I thank you and am honoured to have you on this amazing journey with us ????

“We Rise Together. We Inspire Together. Invincible Is Life!”


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Invincible Worldwide’s mission is to empower people to be physically, mentally and socially extraordinary. Alan La, founder of Invincible Worldwide is an International Sports Karate Association Hall-of-Famed Martial Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Young Australian of the Year finalist. Together with his team, they provide world-class physical and mindset training programs, seminars and performances for people all over the world.